The Spanish Association for the Defence of Competition (Asociación Española de Defensa de la Competencia  – “AEDC”) was founded in 1986 by a Group of reputable lawyers and law professionals, with the objective of studying, spreading and proposing to the competent bodies and institutions all those measures and initiatives that may contribute to improving the Spanish and European Union competition and unfair competition laws.

Currently, the AEDC has amongst its members a significant number of lawyers and economists who develop their activities in the private legal practice, as consultants or within the public administration. The AEDC develops its activity through the organization of conferences and seminars, or through the creation of specific working groups to study and follow-up the legislative, case law and scholarship developments having an impact on competition regulations. Throughout the years the AEDC has gained a robust reputation as a competition think tank both among professionals and the relevant regulatory agencies.

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